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Our History


Our History!!
And what a history we have! The way our lives were  affected by living in the shadow of a SAC base during WWII and the Cold  War; the scandalous lifestyles of the gamblers and gangsters who gave  the Jacksboro Highway its seedy and fascinating reputation; the  magnificent sounds of Big Band music that drifted across the lake from  Casino Beach; our neighborhood stores, churches, rock houses, and  schools; the time the lake froze solid; the construction of the new  9-mile bridge and Loop 820; the old drive-in theater, the race track:  the magnificent structures such as the Mosque, which are now gone; the  Lake Worth monster which is still generating newspaper headlines, and  our own individual family heritages.


In 2004, a group of area residents created a new organization, Lake Worth Area Historical Society, now officially a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. One of the organization's goals was to provide a museum to preserve and share our community's wonderful history.

This goal has been accomplished and the Lake Worth Museum has officially been opened.  We hope to have many visitors to view the history that the museum provides. 

The Lake Worth Area Historical Society had tremendous help in establishing this museum.  Many thanks go to the City of Lake Worth, its officials and staff, the Economic Development Corporation, and various members of the community who have given the gift of money, memorabilia, and their time to create this special place.